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20 art shows to see this winter

Winter will soon be here and if you want to do something more civilized than fracturing both tibias riding a snowboard, hit the galleries instead of the ice. You needn’t know anything more about art than to recognize what holds your interest and what doesn’t. These shows should keep you out and entertained until the damned snow melts.


Nahid Khaki: “Dis-figure” and “A Home Forgotten, 30 Years Later: A Personal Journey to Iran” (Through Dec. 30)

Khaki Gallery
You’re forgiven if you expected military outfits and Gap pants. This exhibit actually juxtaposes life-sized figure drawings with photographs documenting the artist’s return to her native country. The artist is owner Nahid Khaki herself, a talented photographer/painter/multimedia artist so prolific, she needs her own space to show all her stuff. 460 Harrison Ave, South End, Boston (617-423-0105,

Elizabeth Eiten: “Mechanics of the Limbic System” (Through Dec. 18)

Walker Contemporary
Fish don’t have fully developed limbic system, but Elizabeth Eiten does. In her photographs we see sea creatures gutted, put in geometric formations and lying on Eiten’s tongue. Need more fish? They’re also hanging from the ceiling, and from the outstretched arms of the artist’s naked body. She prefers to do for real what most relegate to Photoshop. The result: photographs that are bold, vibrant, playful and strangely disturbing. 450 Harrison Ave, South End, Boston (617-695-0211,

Judy Kensley McKie (Through Dec. 18) 

Gallery NAGA
McKie makes art you can eat off of, like her sleek, cast-bronze “Tiger Table.” The artist likes to combine elements of the domestic with images of the animal kingdom. “Monkey Chair” has the tails of the two animals entwined, creating the seat backing. “Lynx Desk” is a slab of glass is laid across the flat backs of two lynxes, and so on. In short, rawr. 67 Newbury St, Back Bay, Boston (617-267-9060,

Rifrákt (Through Jan. 15)
Voltage Coffee & Art
Lucy Velena is on a mission to get the brains of everyone in the world as buzzed on caffeine as hers is, so she’s opened a coffee shop. She also appreciates art, so she’s brought in infamous floating gallery gang Rifrákt to take care of that end. They’ll be plastering the walls with whatever it is they are doing at the moment, which usually turns out to be some pretty neat stuff. 259 3rd St, Kendall Square, Cambridge (857-719-4603,

Zachary Keeting and Christopher Joy: “Dating Gorky’s Granddaughter” (Through Dec. 30)

FPAC Gallery
That title probably caught your eye, but don’t expect it to make much sense once you see the show. Still, it’s as good a way as any to describe the rich, mysterious work of modernist abstract painters Zachary Keeting and Christopher Joy. Keeting’s work is full of amorphous gray swirls with orange and blue highlights. Joy’s pieces use plenty of magenta and green, and resemble cross-section views of human organs. 300 Summer St, Fort Point, Boston (617-423-4299,

I have been in La Factoria del Color during the last exhibition opening. The place is very charmful and the artists presented in the show pretty interesting. I am planing to travel to Milan on May and I hope to visit Padova Street.
By Carlos Vargas (not verified) on 1/30/2011 at 2:59 am
All these shows are great! It's spelled Elizabeth Eiten... not Eiton. Thanks!
By Elizabeth Eiten (not verified) on 12/07/2010 at 6:17 pm
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