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The Strange Case of Angelica
Manoel de Oliveira took his time with this spirited romance, which he conceived while in his forties and got around to directing at the age of 101; it was well worth the wait…
The Rite
Evil, we cast you out! Studio heads must feel like exorcists come January, when all their lousy product that tested poorly gets a stealthy (and, hopefully, brief) release…
The Mechanic
Speed is on this Mechanic’s mind. The remake of the 1972 Charles Bronson–Jan-Michael Vincent cult item moves like a mofo through its opening action sequence, in which rugged hitman Arthur Bishop (Statham) takes down a target with they’ll-never-know-I-was-here ease…
The Way Back
Does it matter that Slavomir Rawicz’s ghostwritten 1956 best-seller, about his escape from a Siberian gulag and subsequent 4,000-mile walk to India, might have been a colossal fake?…
No Strings Attached
Remember the Seinfeld episode in which Jerry and Elaine try to become friends with benefits, and set up unsustainable ground rules for their new arrangement?…
The Green Hornet
Christoph Waltz walks into a room. But now he’s Russian crime lord Chudnofsky, having traded Colonel Hans Landa’s mine’s-bigger-than-yours calabash pipe for a double-barreled pistol, which he uses to knock a smug gangster (smarmmeister James Franco in a “clever” cameo) down a few pegs…
The Dilemma
Ha—as if there were only one. Let’s count the dilemmas: Do the producers cut an inflammatory “electric cars are gay” joke, or do they keep it in and risk losing all those lavender Vince Vaughn fans?…
Country Strong
Country-music purists speak longingly for the golden age of honest-talkin’ honky-tonk, when giants like Merle and Waylon dominated the charts.
Season of the Witch
The Crusades are raging, and all knights Behmen (Cage) and Felson (Perlman) want to do is dispense with the heathens and head to the pub. Whoever cuts down the lesser number of infidels is buying!…
Oh sure, it’d be easy to lead off a review of Alejandro González Iñárritu’s manipulatively misspelled melodrama with a joke about how it’s “rilly tearible,” or that its merry-go-round of miserabilism makes you want to “kil yerself with a shotgunn.” But let’s be honest: This movie’s misuse of lan