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Boston's best: Sandwich shops
“An American can eat anything,” Bill Cosby once observed, “as long as he has two pieces of bread.” Although invented by a Brit, the sandwich remains a fundamental slice of American cuisine…
Boston's best: Guacamole
When you're gaga over guacamole, uninspired blends just won't do: It has to be the creamiest avocados, the most flavorful add-ins and the perfect combination of spices…
Boston's best: Confectioners
Beacon Hill ChocolatesThe search for the perfect truffle may end at this shop on the flat of the hill, thanks to proprietor Paula Barth’s cocoa obsession. Glass cases beckon with artisan chocolates from around the world…
Boston's best: Desserts under $5
Azuki cream$2.95, Japonaise Bakery & Cafe
  • Cheap
Boston's best: Valentine's Day restaurants
Whether you’re planning on making googly eyes across the table at your hot date or getting silly with a bunch of fellow singles, Valentine’s Day is one holiday on which you’re going to want to splurge a little…
Boston's best: Festive bars
The Beehive
Boston's best music: Pop & Electro
Mystery Roar (OUR PICK: Act of the Year)
Boston's best music: Rock, Rap & Punk
Viva Viva (OUR PICK: Album of the Year)
Boston's best: Traditional Holiday Shows
Things to Do
Boston loves its traditions, and we all seem to get especially misty-eyed and nostalgic come the holidays. Get your fill of Yuletide cheer at these classic shows that scream “holiday” as much as popsicle-stick ornaments and unchecked consumerism…