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Boston's best: Food trucks

In-the-know Bostonians recognize that really good food is worth the pursuit—even if you literally have to chase it down the block. Long a staple for quick eats in cities like Los Angeles and New York, food trucks are just now cropping up in the hub. Here's how to separate the mere mortals (or the "merely mobile") from the divine.

Bon Me Truck

The long line snaking back from this cheerful yellow truck is a testament to its delicious, veggie-packed Vietnamese menu. Sandwiches are prepared with barbecue pork, grilled chicken or tofu and shitake mushrooms, stuffed into a crusty baguette with pickled carrots, daikon radishes and spicy mayonnaise. Or opt for lighter fare like a rice bowl or noodle salad, and make sure to try the insanely refreshing Thai-basil limeade. City Hall Plaza, Monday-Friday 11:30am–3pm; SoWa Open Market, Sundays, 11am–4pm. (@bonme,

Clover Food Lab

Healthful concoctions are Clover's calling card at locations all over Boston and Cambridge. While waiting in line, you'll hear a lot of chatter about the chickpea fritter: golden-fried falafel, hummus, a drizzle of tahini and red pickled cabbage overflowing from a round, hearty bun. You can also score a soy BLT and barbecue Seitan. Alongside your feel-good selection, sip a brown-sugar lemonade or hibiscus iced tea. Mon–Fri 8am–7pm, 20 Carleton Street, Kendall Square, Cambridge (, @cloverfoodtruck); Mon–Fri 8am–6pm, Summer Street at Atlantic Avenue, Financial District, Boston (@CloverDWY); Mon–Fri 8am–3pm, City Hall Plaza, Boston (@CloverGOV); Sun 8am–4pm, SoWa Open Market, South End, Boston (@CloverSWA)

Staff Meal

The philosophy behind this truck is to prepare the kinds of dishes prepared by restaurant workers for their brethren and to bring these behind-the-scenes munchies to the masses. The plain white truck belies perhaps the most inventive food truck fare in the city: pork belly summer rolls, Venezuelan arepas topped with pickled watermelon, Chinese sausage burritos and headcheese and sardo sandwiches with pastrami, mustard and broccoli rabe. That "We cure vegetarianism" motto doesn't lie. Sporadic evenings, Loring-Greenough House, Jamaica Plain, Sundays at SoWa Open Market (, @staffmealboston)

Lincoln Street Coffee

The mobile leg of the Newton Highlands café, this colorful "mobile espresso bar" delivers a much-needed caffeine jolt with a simple cup o' joe, helps customers cool off on a hot day with a frozen chai tea, elicits undying affection for its high-end, espresso-based concoctions…you get the gist. The on-the-go baristas who whip up these offerings—in addition to serving up baked goods, sandwiches and fruit smoothies—might as well be delivering manna from Heaven for the office-bound crowd. Various locations around Newton, Sundays at SoWa Open Market (


Founded by MIT alums, this Southeast Asian bistro on wheels rewards visitors with their choice of meat-based, vegetarian and vegan items. Line up for curry bowls, kimchi-laced baguettes and Pho- or ramen-based soups. Best sellers include ga nuong, a Vietnamese, lemongrass-infused grilled chicken, and Korean BBQ tofu or chicken marinated in hoisin sauce, tomato puree and spices. You'll be hard-pressed to miss the fire engine-red trucks rumbling around Cambridge and Boston. Mon–Fri 10:30am–3pm, 70 Carleton Street, Kendall Square, Cambridge; 10am–2pm, City Hall Plaze, Boston  (, @momogoose)

The Cupcakory

Locally sourced ingredients are the driving force behind this mobile purveyor of decadent, designer, buttercream-topped treats. You'll go nuts for their whimsical line-up of specialty flavors—salted caramel, Almond Joy, Sam Adams chocolate—and their vegan options. Whipped up fresh each morning, the portable bites are the ultimate sweet lover's fantasy, and well worth spoiling your dinner for. Various locations in Brookline, Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury, South Station, SoWa some Sundays. (, @cupcakory)

KO Catering and Pies

Australian food in Boston? You bet your life, mate. The menu of Down Under-inspired offerings from this truck (an offshoot of a storefront operation in South Boston) features flaky meat pies with fillings like Irish beef stew and curried vegetables. The full slate stars spicy shrimp on the barbie (what, you're surprised?), sandwiches, salads and morning "brekky" items like toasted sourdough with vegemite (an Australian paste made of yeast extract), jam, peanut butter or cinnamon-sugar. Various times and locations around Boston (, @KOCatering_Pies)

Roxy's Gourmet Grilled Cheese

After making an initial splash in Boston, the Roxy's truck was briefly rumored to be "missing." The city's food-truck faithful were relieved when word eventually leaked out that Roxy's absense was because the truck was competing on the Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race. If that pedigree doesn't convince you of their chops, bite into one of Roxy's warm, eponymous sandwiches. This isn't your standard afterschool-snack fare: Fillings include green Muenster cheese, brie, chorizo, foie gras, candied bacon and more. Saddle up with a side of fried pickles, and enjoy comfort food at its finest—and most convenient. Cleveland Circle, Brighton; Some Sundays at SoWa Open Market, some Sundays. (, @RoxysGrilledCheese)

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