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Stylish Bostonians: Nerissa + Alex


Nerissa Cooney and Alex Hage
Graphic design cooperative Golden Arrows

Their inspirations

Nerissa: “The ocean. I grew up on boats, so I wear a lot of nautical, warm things.”

Alex: "The Marlboro Man, Duane Eddy and Syl Johnson. None of them are fashion designers, but I like the old-timey style.”

Favorite stores

Nerissa: Oona’s, American Apparel, Urban Renewals

Alex: Urban Renewals, Teddy Shoes

Their favorite accessories

Nerissa: Her rings and bracelets. “I haven’t taken them off in years.  My grandmother gave most of the pieces, and my mom made one of the rings.”

Alex: “Fifties-era sleazy jailbird pompadour hair. I originally styled my hair like this for an Italian Wedding costume party, and have tried to carry it into real life.”
Their favorite designers

Nerissa: Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch. “They have a carefree, preppy feel that fits my style. It’s a really clean look.”

How they describe Boston style

: “People knock Boston style, but there are plenty of different neighborhoods and different styles. The more you look, the more you’ll find.”

Alex: “It’s like trying to dress for going sledding and going to an art opening at the same time. I mostly dress in what I can ride my bike in.”

How their style has evolved through the years

Nerissa: “I just think about style more when I’m getting dressed. I make sure to look in the mirror before I go out. As you get more confident in who you are, you develop a style. It comes natural.”

Alex: “It’s gotten to be more and more like my Dad’s and like my Grandfather’s at the same time. I’m trying to curate a little bit more as I go.”