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50 things to do this spring

Whale watching
Whale watching isn’t just for junior high school field trips anymore. Hop on one of the boats that head out of Boston Harbor daily in order to rediscover how awesome it actually is to be within spitting distance of the largest mammals on earth. Bring a sweater and park yourself at the hull of the boat for the day so that you’re sure to not miss a second of the hot whale action. The snack bar may not be the best, so make sure to pack provisions or plan ahead (you might want to leave the tuna fish sandwich at home, though). Still, the boat has a fully-stocked bar for you to indulge in after learning your share of marine biology for the day. (

Nothing says “together” like heavy dance beats and outer space noises. This fest, running from April 18 to 24, is about embracing the machine as a method of uniting us all. The impressive event takes over 19 different venues throughout Boston for an epic seven-day celebration of everything technological and terpsichorean. (

Go green… thumb
Everywhere you look, new plants are springing from the earth. Why not help them along? For you budding gardeners out there, several workshops are offered at the Arnold Arboretum. Learn about anything from how to create your own high-density orchard (April 2 at the Wakefield Estate in Milton), to what exactly triggers germination in seeds (April 16 in the Dana Greenhouse classroom at the Arboretum). And once you’re in the swing of things, volunteer at the scenic Mount Auburn Cemetery, which offers spots gardening or working in the green house of the lush 175-acre National Landmark.

Cheese class at Formaggio
No pun intended, but it’s probably safe to say that Formaggio Kitchen is breaking out of its mold as simply the preeminent cheese monger’s paradise; the place is moving into the realm of higher foodie education. Formaggio offers different classes each month, ranging from Cheese 101 to making your own cheese, and everything in between. Along with the springtime cheese classes there’s always a possibility that the teachers at Formaggio will add another butchering class if demand is high enough. As gruesome as it sounds, it’s probably the most interesting (and bloody) food class you’re ever going to take. Workshops are often accompanied with wine and, obviously, cheese. They fill up quickly, so if you’re looking to fulfill your New Year’s resolution of becoming a cheesemonger, now’s the time.

Masters of Suspense
For “,” the Somerville Theatre will welcome Howie Carr, WRKO radio host and Herald columnist. He’s also the author of Hitman, which follows the notorious mob assassin Johnny Martorano and the famously M.I.A. Irish mob leader James “Whitey” Bulger. Joining Carr will be journalist and author Casey Sherman, author of Search for the Strangler, about the Boston Strangler and the murder of his aunt Mary Sullivan, believed to be the youngest and final Strangler victim; and WRKO radio host and Herald columnist Michele McPhee, author of A Date with Death, about the Craigslist Killer.

Flea markets
Springtime means April showers, May flowers, and spring cleaning. This seasonal purging is the bargain hunter’s best friend; flea markets and yard sales spring up on seemingly every corner and are always filled with treasures that you never knew you always wanted. The Revere flea market in the Loews Theatre parking lot and the Lynnwaymart Flea in Lynn are the best bets for the transportationally-challenged. But if you can wrangle up a car, check out the Londonderry Flea Market in New Hampshire and the Raynham Flea in (you guessed it) Raynham, Mass for used items ranging from the practical (everyone needs kitchen utensils) to the bizarre (how many velvet paintings does one person really need?).